Hello Garden Club members, associates, and lifers!

The idea behind this blog is to improve communication between club members by making it easier to share information. All members can become an author, which means you can post, delete, edit your own posts, including uploading photos or links.  Some members, maybe the board and publicity, can become editors, which means they can create their own posts, but they can also edit/manage/delete others posts and manage tags etc.  Administrators can do everything, including changing the theme.  I have used this sample theme as it had flowers on it, but if y’all want to change it and don’t like the pink and hearts, then it is very easy to do so.  The categories at the right basically link posts by theme – so some posts could be announcements, some gardening info, some events.  Also, the tags are like topics, so if someone posts something about camellias, or azaleas, then you may want to tag it, then at a later date you click on that word, and all relevant posts come up.  Anyway, hopefully you will all like the blog, and we can have great fun playing around with it. Don’t worry if you press the wrong button! At any time the administrators can go in and fix it again!

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October Meet

October 20th, 2009 meet will be held at the Camellia Park at 10am, hosted by Brenda Rolison, Jessica Wilson and Sheila Walker. It’s the plant exchange, so bring a plant. Wear your wellies/rainboots, and the best rainboot will get a prize!

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